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Our specialized service is Remote Oracle DBA Services for Colleges and Universities throughout the United States.  We offer personalized Oracle Remote DBA Services. When you call for support, you get individual attention from one of our DBAs who partners with you to keep your system running smoothly. Our remote DBAs are Oracle professionals with experience maintaining, upgrading and tuning back end ERP systems.  Our DBA team members have extensive real-world onsite and remote database administration experience.

RTS has been providing Remote Oracle DBA Services since 2001 and we support clients with production databases ranging from Oracle versions 9 through 11g.   We currently support over 30 Colleges and Universities throughout the United States.

Our Remote Oracle DBA Services is a cost effective solution when many Colleges and Universities are having to make reductions in staff and are looking at their Oracle support plans and are turning to companies that provide remote DBA Services.  Whatever your Oracle database services needs or challenges, our team has almost certainly resolved very similar issues before. Our approach to providing remote Oracle database services is proactive, dedicated to identifying and correcting problems before they impact your business. The Oracle DBAs on our team maintain ongoing communication with you regarding your database operations and goals via our Remote DBA service engagement.